We are the professional manufacturer and supplier of AIRSOFT BBs in China. Our BBs with high quality is for use in higher end spring airsoft rifles, AEG's, gas airsoft pistols, or higher. How to select the right Airsoft BB Get great war-gaming action by stocking up on plenty of BB ammo. We have a very large selection of biodegradable BBs, Japanese BBs, and other bio brands as well. You can trust Airsoft Atlanta for competitive, affordable prices to help you with all your airsoft ammo needs!!
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Airsoft BBs
    6mm 0.20g /bio
     6mm 0.23g /bio
     6mm 0.25g /bio
     6mm 0.28g
    6mm 0.30g
    6mm 0.32g
    6mm 0.36g
    6mm 0.40g
    Biodegradable BB
    Other BB /0.12g

BB gun ammo All our airsoft guns use 6mm BB plastic pellets as ammo. Poor quality BB pellets as using cheap unpolished BB will break your airsoft gun and invalidate its warranty. Our BB's are polished, burr free and calibrated to 3/100mm as a minimum.

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The BBs are used to load up the Airsoft Gun to shoot at a given target, there are many different types of Airsoft BB's to choose from. They are also called Airsoft Pellets or Plastic BB's. They are normally made of plastic, 6mm (or .235") in diameter and weight about .12 grams and up. They come in different colors; including glow in the dark. Green Gas is used to power regular Gas Airsoft Guns, CO2 cartridges are usually containers filled with compressed air to power a CO2 Airsoft Gun and Speed Loaders are fast BB loaders.

6 mm pellet weights and their usage
The BB Calibre
The Roundness
The Polishing
How to select the right Airsoft BB

Airsoft Guns History

How to Use a High Capacity Airsoft Magazine
Airsoft Troubleshooting - Simple Fixes to common gun problems


6 mm pellet weights and their usage
*0.11 g - Manufactured by HFC, same use as .12 gram. Uncommon.
*0.12 g - Used by all low grade weapons such as some spring pistols (which can use .20) and mini electrics. High velocity and low stability. Not to be used in high end AEGs such as Tokyo Marui and Classic Army. These pellets usually have a small air pocket in them.
*0.15 g - Same uses as 0.12 g. Uncommon. Not to be used in high end Automatic Electric Guns (A.E.G.s) such as Tokyo Marui and Classic Army
*0.16 g - Essentially the same as the 0.15 g pellets. Very uncommon.
*0.20 g - Standard weight for most weapons. AEGs use these or slightly heavier pellets. These pellets are usually white.such as CYC bullet in China. (http://www.airsoft-bbs.com/)
*0.23 g - Heavier pellets for AEGs. Blends speed of 0.20 g with range and accuracy of 0.25 g. Made popular by Tsunami Airsoft
*0.24 g - An oddity. Only known manufacturers are Airstrike (a subsidiary of Daisy) and Crosman
*0.25 g - Heaviest weight for standard AEGs, blowback and spring guns. Tokyo Marui standard AEG, gas, and spring guns are set at the factory for 0.25 gram BB's, and they usually include a package of 200 of these with the gun.
*0.28 g - For upgraded AEGs or sniper rifles. Significantly cheaper than 0.30 g but yields similar performance
*0.29 g - Maruzen Super Grandmaster BBs, designed for their Air Precision Shooting series of guns. One of the most precisely ground and accurate BBs availableVerify source|date=July 2007, but cost more than other alternatives. These also can come in aluminum versions, which will hurt more than plastic.
*0.30 g - Standard weight for most sniper rifles. Western Arms pellets for their gas blowback pistol series. Uncommon.
*0.32 g - Also standard for sniper rifles. Offer best balance of velocity and stability for most spring and gas sniper rifles.
*0.36 g - Heavier pellets for sniper rifles. Very slow but have high stability.
*0.40 g - Heavy pellets for airsoft sniper rifles. CYC is a known producer. Even slower than 0.36g but even more stable and maintains its velocity better.
*0.43 g - For the highest level of upgrades in spring and gas sniper rifles. Usually graphite coated.
*0.88 g - Possibly the heaviest type of BB available. Usually made of steel and comes with a polished finish. Rarely used and often hard to find.

.20gr - ideal for indoor gaming, a lightweight BB that ensures good performance with stock AEGs,
.25gr - the standard lower weight outdoor BB, resists wind and maintains a good trajectory in outdoor conditions,
.28gr - the premium weight outdoor solution for the performance minded airsofter, giving distance, accuracy, grouping and impact. Resists foliage as well,
.30gr - the lightweight sniper round, or, for those wanting heavy impact on the target with maximum wind and foliage resistance. Requires a properly tuned AEG with a powerful hop up,
.36gr - the specialty sniper round for gas based bolt action rifles,
.40gr - similar to the .36gr, provides more mass for greater distance with phenominal accuracy and maximum impact.


BB Gun Ammo and Accessories

The Weight:
It is important to use the correct weight bb for your gun.
0.12g is suitable for Spring, Pocket Model and Mini Electric Series Guns
0.20g is suitable for Hop up, Gas and Electric guns
0.23g and 0.25g is suitable for Electric models

Airosft Pellets
Airsoft pellets are spherical projectiles used in Airsoft gun models. Typically made of plastic, they usually range in size from 5.93 to 5.98 mm in diameter, though select models use 8 mm or 3 mm pellets. They are often called "BBs", referring to the ammunition of more dangerous BB guns (which are actually smaller and made of metal).
Pellet weight is an important factor when choosing pellets. The pellet's weight influences several aspects of pellet performance:
Lighter pellets achieve higher velocities, but are more prone to influence from external factors like wind. Lighter pellets also decelerate (lose velocity) faster than heavier pellets. Due to the increased momentum of a heavier pellet, it will hit harder than a lighter one.
The curvature of a projectile (trajectory) determines its range and lighter pellets result in much more curved trajectories. This can be negated in part by the use of a hop-up.
Heavier pellets may require a more powerful airsoft gun and often necessitates upgraded springs and other gun parts.
A player's choice of pellet weight is governed by their gaming style, airsoft gun (internals), game location (in/outdoor), high/low range and ft/s regulations.
Airsoft BBs for Leisure or Performance, Airsoft BB'S Sale! Buy more, save more.

6 mm pellet weights and their usage
0.12 g - Used by some gas and spring weapons. High velocity and low stability. Not to be used in high end AEGs such as Tokyo Marui and Classic Army
0.20 g - Standard weight for most weapons. AEGs uses these or slightly heavier pellets.
0.23 g - Heavier pellets for AEGs. Blends speed of 0.20 g with range and accuracy of 0.25 g.
0.25 g - Heaviest weight for standard AEGs, blowback and spring guns. For some AEGs, you will usually need an upgrade to effectively fire 0.25 inch (6.4 mm) BB's.
0.28 g - Standard weight for highly upgraded AEGs or sniper rifles. Significantly cheaper than .30g , but yields similar performance
0.30 g - Standard weight for most sniper rifles. Western Arms pellets for their gas blowback pistol series. Uncommon.

The BB Calibre:
CYC BB are calibrated to the nearest 1/100mm. This high precision calibration system ensures an optimum trajectory and prevents jamming in the action.

The Roundness:
Inferior BBs can jam in the barrel due to the lack of perfect roundness. Using a BB which is not perfectly round or has burrs on the surface can result in a complete breakdown of the gun and can be costly in rectifying. The choice of correct BBs in the first instance will prevent this. Our BBs undergo a production process which eliminates any uneven surfaces or misshapes and ensures perfect even roundness in each BB.

The Polishing:
Unlike other BBs on the market today which are made from two hemispheres that are then adhered together, CYC brand BBs are made from one piece and then undergo a high polishing process which allows a smooth passage through the internal mechanism of the gun also resulting in more accurate groupings.
Dont ruin your gun with inferior ammo. Re-using old ammo may damage or jam your gun.
How to select the right Airsoft BB
When it comes to Airsoft guns, most enthusiasts tend to think about gun models, gearbox type, Barrel FPS, and battery size. One thing that constantly gets over looked is BB type. There is a variety of Airsoft BBs available, in a wide range of weights, colors, and materials. So, which one do you choose and why is it so important?

WEIGHT - Airsoft BBs are almost always 6mm in diameter, not much selection there. Then it comes to weight, Airsoft BBs start at .12 grams and go as heavy as .36 grams. Save the .12g BBs for your Spring Pistols or low priced, cheap plastic Airsoft guns. Using .12g BBs in metal gear guns is recipe for disaster, plus it will make your gun as accurate as a water balloon launcher. The rest of the BBs weights are personal preference and gun usage. A good starting guideline is a gun that shoots under 300FPS is best served with .20 Gram BBs. Anything that shoots over 300FPS opens up more choices. The heavier the BB, the greater the accuracy at longer ranges. For example, if your using a sniper rifle you should consider .28gram or heavier. For standard field play .23 - .25gram will be fine. Finally, .20 gram will work great in Close Quarters Battle (CQB). Obviously, cost is a factor when choosing your BBs weight. The heavier the Airsoft BB the more they will cost and the more you'll spend on shipping.

MATERIAL - Most of your Airsoft BBs are made of ABS or some sort of plastic. There are a few other types too. The most well know is the Biodegradable BB. They are made of materials that break down when exposed to moisture and light. Some of the Bio airsoft BBs even have an organic Fertilizer core to help vegetation. While these may seem great in reducing BBs from accumulating, keep in mind they do have a limited shelf life. The other material is Aluminum. These are typically BBs that .28g-.36g BBs. They are very expensive but are great for long range shooting.

COLOR - The most popular is white. but really the choice is up to you. Most of the time you want to be able to see where you're Airsoft BBs are hitting, so the lighter and brighter the color the better. If you are doing sniper operations, then you might want to use the darker colored or Black BBs. They will help conceal your location when firing on an opponent.

MANUFACTURER - This is probably the number one criteria in choosing an Airsoft BB. Look for a manufacturer that produces a seamless, highly polished BB. Additionally, the ability of the manufacturer to produce BBs that are consistent in size and weight is equally important. Not only will these characteristics improve your guns distance and accuracy, they will also reduce wear on your airsoft gun's internals. Airsoft BBs by companies like CYC, TSD Tactical BBs, SRC BBs and KSC BBs are of excellent quality. Many of the BBs included with your airsoft gun are of poor quality and should be discarded (our recommendation).

As you can see, Airsoft BB selection is more than buying the cheapest BBs you can find. Consider all the options and you'll maximize your Airsoft gun's ability, accuracy and life span.
What's Airsoft?
Airsoft is a sport in which the players simulate combat, warfare, or other military scenarios using authentic military tactics and replica weapons.
Airsoft guns use 6mm BBs made of ABS plastic as ammunition, which generally weigh from .12g to .43g on average. Airsoft guns themselves are almost always exact replicas of real military weapons.
Airsoft is a product of the far East and is now available in the Western world. It has spawned a sport, a growing following, and an industry that spans several continents.
Airsoft guns are accurate replicas of the originals usually manufactured under license (beware of cheap bb guns) Airsoft bb guns fire 6mm plastic bb's and are used for target practice, fun plinking and the new xtreme sport Airsoft, which is similar to paintballing however the advantages of airsoft are that they are more accurate, fire further and more realistic, and also cheaper!

Short History of Airsoft
1886 - The airgun projectile we call a BB began in 1886 as common lead shotgun shot, sized BB or 0.180-inch diameter.
1887 - Clarence Hamilton of .22 rimfire fame followed Markham by inventing an all-metal spring-piston airgun.
1960's - Airsoft as we know it today has its history in both Japan and America, going back about 30 or 40 years. In Japan, ownership of firearms was banned in the 1960’s, and the response was the production of extremely realistic and collectable replicas of real military firearms. It didn't take long for firearm enthusiasts and manufacturers to design and market a spring powered gun, replicating the looks of its real counterpart.
1970's - The sport we all know of today as Airsoft originated in Japan in the 1970's. Shortly after as the sport began to grow, improvisations were made to airsoft guns. Manufacturer's began to produce airsoft guns that were gas, and electric powered as well.
Before the end of the 1970’s, these were introduced into the Japanese market as "soft-air" guns. Naturally the Japanese took the system and began to incorporate it into their own extremely realistic false gun models and created the perfect, non-lethal realistic alternative to actual firearms.
1990's - These then became popular in the Asian markets as "soft-air" or "air-soft" guns. Gas-powered Airsoft guns evolved into cheaper-made AEGs (Automatic Electric Guns) in the mid 1990's.
In America, air guns were expanded with handguns that fired pellets stored in shells, very similar to spring Airsoft guns today.

How realistic are Airsoft Guns?
Even law enforcement officers are often unable to distinguish Airsoft from real steel. Never take an Airsoft gun out in public, doing so WILL endanger your life.

How do Airsoft guns operate?
An Airsoft gun can operate off one of any three principles. The most common and cost effective are our line of spring guns. Spring guns must be cocked before each shot, usually by racking the slide or cocking handle (rifles). Cocking the gun compresses a spring attached to a piston, when the trigger is pulled, the piston flies forward, compresses the air in the cylinder and fires the BB at an average velocity of 250 FPS. Most people start off with spring guns and often move up to gas blowback guns. Gas blowback pistols use HFC22 or Green Gas. Green gas is loaded into the bottom of the magazine along with the ammunition. This design allows for rapid magazine changes to replace both expended rounds and propellant. BB guns operate in a manner very similar to real firearms. After inserting the magazine you cock the gun to chamber the first round. Upon pulling the trigger, gas is released to propel the BB out of the barrel at an average of 300 FPS. A small amount of gas is also captured to force the slide back, resetting the hammer and chambering the next round. This is a very efficient system allowing you to fire the gun as fast as you can pull the trigger. Electric powered guns use a gear and piston system to offer semi and sometimes fully automatic operation.

Which gun is the BEST?
We get dozens of emails every day asking which gun is the best. Here is the answer: The M4 is our most popular spring rifle while the M9 remains the most popular spring pistol. The AEG rifles and Beretta pistols are the most popular battery powered guns. The M11 is by far the coolest of the gas blowback guns with the M9 following as a close second. For the absolute highest rate of fire, go with the HFC gas blowback guns.

What kind of protection do I need to play Airsoft?
Full face protection is REQUIRED for any Airsoft sporting activity. Airsoft guns can cause serious eye injury and shatter teeth if unprotected. We also recommend using neck protection, elbow and knee guards.

How far will Airsoft guns shoot?
Airsoft guns have a maximum-effective range of about 60-130 yards depending on whether or not the gun has been upgraded. Stock full-size electric rifles can shoot accurately up to 20-60 yards, spring guns 15-20 yards, and electric guns 10-40 yards.

How accurate are Airsoft guns?
Airsoft guns are very accurate for smooth-bore guns. At 20 yards, you can shoot a 6-8" group.

How loud are Airsoft guns?
Airsoft guns are quieter than a .22 caliber rifle, but a bit louder than a typical air rifle.

What are Airsoft guns made of?
Some of our guns are made of the same durable ABS Plastic used in items such as motorcycle helmets, others are made of metal or both. Airsoft guns cannot be modified to fire real ammunition. Because they are made of different materials, the guns tend to be a little lighter than their real counterparts.

What do the numbers mean on the bb’s?
The numbers refer to bb weight in grams. All of our guns are designed around a specific weight of bb. The recommended bb weight is automatically selected for each product.

What is the muzzle velocity of different airsoft guns?
Spring pistols tend to fire 190-350 fps, Spring rifles 220-450 fps, and electric guns and pistols or gas guns fire 175-400 fps.

Airsoft Guns History
The idea of airsoft guns started in Japan in the 80’s as, although it was illegal to own a firearm, there was still a demand for them, so gun enthusiasts improvised by manufacturing spring powered guns that were exact replicas of the real thing. The sport rapidly took off, spread to North America and is now popular all over the world. Today, airsoft guns, pistols and rifles are mainly used for organized war-games and, once experienced, will turn a novice into an enthusiast.

Airsoft guns come in three types, gas powered, spring and electric. However, within each type there are different kinds, each with its own unique style and advantages. Briefly, gas powered airsoft guns use compressed carbon dioxide to fire the BB and, whilst perfect for target practice, is not really suitable for airsoft games. Spring operated airsoft guns work on mechanical power; each time you want to shoot you have to cock the airsoft gun by pulling back the bolt just as you would an actual shotgun or bolt action rifle. Their design is fairly simple and so they are easy on the pocket and recommended for entry-level players. Electric airsoft guns are the most commonly available type, popular due to their power and high rate of fire. These are all the rage with either beginners or skilled airsoft players. We have a range of airsoft guns to choose from, including spring guns and rifles, gas and electric airsoft guns. Although airsoft guns are replicas, they are designed to look very realistic and can fire small plastic pellets of 6mm and 8mm up to a range of 25 to 100m at speeds of about 75 - 150 meters per second.

If you are new to the sport there’s no need to spend a fortune on a gun, we have many low priced good quality guns on our site, just take a look. There are plenty of clubs and teams that organize war-games and skirmishing where all the excitement you want can be found. A game played between 2 teams that involve skill, speed, strategy and tactics, it is an exhilarating way to enjoy and learn how to use a gun in a safe and secure situation. As long as games are properly organized they can provide all the kicks you want and a real adrenalin rush. Once you’ve experienced it you’ll never look back.

Participating in an airsoft game allows you to play out a fantasy role, escape from the routine of day to day life and lose yourselves for a few hours. People come to play airsoft from all walks of life, estate agents, bankers, teachers or housewives can handle a gun and be transformed into a member of the FBI, a criminal on the run or whoever takes their fancy at the time.

Using an airsoft gun can be a harmless activity as long as the guidelines regarding safety are followed and you wear the right equipment. Only play in designated areas and keep to the rules and no-one should be hurt as a result of the airsoft guns. If you are wary of being hit then there are loads of great airsoft accessories that can be acquired. Have yourself a shopping trip and stock up on protective face masks, body armor and tactical vests to keep you safe. Buy a pop-up target to practice your aim, keep your airsoft gun to hand in a tactical holster and size up your prey with a high powered scope.

Airsoft guns come in a variety of types, products and sizes, whether it is simply for target practice or for fun and games, you will find a great selection here to suit everyone’s skill and taste.
How to Use a High Capacity Airsoft Magazine
1)Pour BBs into the magazine. This can be done by opening the trap door usually found at the top of the magazine. Then pour high quality BBs into the magazine. Make sure to pour only enough. Do not overpour, as this could jam the magazine. Then shut the trap door tight.
2) Load the BBs into the loading chamber. To do this, wind the wheel found at the bottom of the magazine and listen until you hear a different noise than before. This noise indicates how many more times to wind the magazine. Wind the wheel more times to put pressure on the BBs so they will actually go up into the airsoft gun instead of sinking back into the magazine from gravity.
3) Place the magazine into the airsoft gun and fire!
4) Reloading the magazine. Once no more BBs are coming out of the barrel, and the airsoft gun is still firing (AKA dry-firing), repeat the previous two steps.
5) .20 gram airsoft bbs. Refill Magazine. Repeat the first step.
Do not overpour BBs into the magazine. This forces BBs to escape into the loading chamber when closing the trap door. This can permanently damage the magazine.
Use good quality BBs.
Airsoft Troubleshooting - Simple Fixes to common gun problems
BBs Most overlooked problem
Most Airsoft guns come with a small starter packet of airsoft BBs. Here's a great tip, throw them out or use them on the cheap airsoft spring pistols. They are usually low grade and can cause damage to your guns internals. CYC Brand BBs are seamless, highly polished and consistent in weight. This means minimal wear and tear on your airsoft gun internals and better range/accuracy out of your airsoft gun. For most electric airsoft guns use .20g - .25g BBs for best results. Never reuse BBs once they have been fired. They become pitted, cracked and irregular. Reusing BBs can damage your guns internals and/or cause some nasty hop up chamber jams.

Hop-Up, Don't overdo it
One of the biggest things that can cause your Airsoft rifle to jam or make your Airsoft Gun miss the target is a hop up that is set to high. Hop up is an adjustable rubber wheel inside the airsoft gun that puts back-spin on the Airsoft BBs. To little and your Airsoft BBs will arc down, to much and they will arc up or jam. Set just right your Airsoft BBs will follow a nice flat trajectory. Follow the directions for your particular gun when setting the hop-up. It's best to start with it off, and adjust after firing a round, until you get it just right.
Lubricate your Airsoft Gun
Your airsoft has moving parts and rubber seals that need to be lubricated. The rubber hop-up wheel can also dry out over time if not lubricated regularly. Use silicon based lubricants that don't contain petroleum products (Available at most hobby stores). Use the airsoft lubrication sparingly and wipe up an excess when done. Spray some down the barreland into the BB feeder port. Lubricate your airsoft gun after every 4000-5000 BBs are fired through it.

A couple of things that you should also consider:
-Always fully charge the battery before using.
-Don't drop it, it's not a real gun and impacts against hard surfaces don't help airsoft guns.
-for Ratchet/wind-up airsoft magazines, make sure you wind them completely until they make a click sound. When storing magazine, be sure to remove all BBs and release the spring tension. This will greatly improve the magazines life.
-Wear eye protection always, your eyes are the most important part of the sport
-Practice Airsoft Safety, by observing safe muzzle direction and treating every gun as if it was loaded.
-To store you airsoft gun, make sure the spring tension on the magazine is released. Do this by pressing the BB release tab on top of the magazine.

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